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We believe that the luxury superyacht experience should be more accessible to a greater number of people.

We have created meticulously planned voyages that allow everyday people to book a YOTSPACE voyage, at a price they never thought possible.

Our companies DNA for YOTSPACE superyacht voyages is that our guests be intimately connected to the regions and locations that we visit by offering impactful experiences without compromising on their luxury travel style.

Each one of our carefully curated superyacht voyages are all-inclusive tailored itineraries that explore destinations of natural scenic beauty, historic and cultural interest, all whilst cruising the marine wonderland of our world’s oceans.

Our superyacht Captains meticulously plan these voyages to take advantage of the seasons, locations and the marine life activity, showcasing the sights and wonders of the ocean, rivers and her islands from the deck of a luxury superyacht.

Our YOTSPACE guest numbers are strictly limited to the number of cabins on each of our superyachts, ensuring an ultra-luxury, intimate travel experience.

Our YOTSPACE voyages are themed for the individual traveller’s style

Whilst on our voyages, guests are looked after by the professionally trained superyacht crew members. As your hosts, they are well versed in offering the highest level of 5 star service ensuring your voyage will be one that you will never forget.

YOTSPACE voyages are all-inclusive of luxury double, twin, single cabin space, the very best of 5 star cuisine and beverages to match, all superyacht in-water toys, and the activities mentioned in your chosen voyage itinerary.

Please join us for an ultra special expedition on one of our curated superyacht voyages.

Many new destinations and departures coming soon.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages Great Barrier Reef

How to book a YOTSPACE voyage


Select A Destination
Choose the region you wish to travel and explore


Choose A Voyage
Read each superyacht itinerary to find the one that suits your travel style best


Make An Enquiry
Speak with your preferred luxury travel agent or call YOTSPACE


Confirm Your YOTSPACE Cabin Voyage
Book and pay for your superyacht voyage holiday 

Each day will be filled with new adventures and sensory experiences

Now more than ever, guests are looking for exclusivity, new experiences and intimacy in numbers, so we are offering our guests the priviledge of booking passage on one of our premium voyages on a cabin by cabin basis, where they may enjoy the wonderful experience of a superyacht expedition engaging with other like-minded guests.

Each one of our superyacht captains have meticulously planned the voyages according to the uniqueness of the destination, the main iconic attractions and experiences offered in those locations.