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Cid Harbour – Whitsunday Island

Approximately 10 nautical miles or (19km) from Shute Harbour lies Cid Harbour, one of the Whitsundays’ best superyacht anchorages.  A popular anchorage for YOTSPACE superyacht voyage Captains due to the protection and shelter it provides in the bay. Cid Harbour is located on the Western side of Whitsunday Island and the most popular anchorages in the harbour are Sawmill Bay and Dugong Beach. 

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There are several beaches and bays within the harbour as well as some great bush walks for the energetic or someone just wanting to see the gorgeous Whitsundays and the cobalt waters from above. 

Although swimming is not encouraged around Cid Harbour as some parts have a muddy bottom or a big drop off, you can keep an eye out for the local turtles and dugongs that frequently pop their head up to say hello whilst you are exploring the water from ocean level on a kayak. 

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Cid Harbour is a great place to get a glimpse of the ultimate Whitsunday sunset.

Take a stroll up to Katoomba Bank or the west coast looking over the Molle Islands with a glass of wine and watch the boat lights flicker in the bay before heading back to the superyacht for another 5 star meal on the top deck of the superyacht, watching the twinkling stars in the clear night sky after an energetic day spent in the luxury of the Whitsunday Islands.    

Cid Harbour offers great:

  • Hiking and two bush-walks 
  • A short walk from Dugong Beach to Sawmill Bay. 
  • Whitsunday Peak – for experienced walkers only. Go right up to the top for the amazing views. 
  • History – during WW2 the Allied Navy ships anchored here prior to the battle of the Coral Sea. 
  • Keep an eye out for the cows of the sea – Dugongs 
  • Keep an eye out for turtles 
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking 
  • Beach Walking – Hiking
  • Bird watching 

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