Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in these Book By The Cabin YOTSPACE superyacht voyages?

A: Your book by the cabin voyage includes your choice of luxury cabin accommodation on a luxury superyacht, 5 star cuisine meals each day paired with beverages and cocktails, an endless array of on-board and off-board activities, VIP attention from the yacht crew, use of superyacht toys, visits to exotic destinations

Q: Are there a number of Book By the Cabin options?

A: Yes there is a number of book by the cabin options. Our superyachts offer Kings, Double, Queen and Twin Share options on a cabin by cabin basis with a min/maximum of two persons, per cabin only. Single voyagers cover the cost of a cabin as if two persons were to occupy that cabin. All requested cabin options are confirmed on receipt of payment on a first come, first paid basis.

Q: Will we like our fellow YOTSPACE passengers?

A: Our guests are discerning, well-travelled, yet highly sociable and just like you, they are looking for an experience that suits their unique travel style. They regularly book all-inclusive holidays that include organised small group itineraries that are enriching and directly apply to their personal interests, along with the company of other like-minded guests. We have crafted each one of our superyacht voyage itineraries individually offering guests a range of special interests in various locations that will align with their personal travel style.

Q: How are these superyacht voyages so inexpensive?

A: As has been tradition, if you wished to partake in a superyacht holiday you were required to book the superyacht on a sole charter basis, then add on GST and a provisioning allowance of up to 30% on to the top of the said charter rate and also add in the gratuity which can be another 5 – 20% of the base charter fee which makes the overall cost quite high for an individual. YOTSPACE charters these superyachts on a specially negotiated all-inclusive no more to pay basis and then allows individuals or groups of friends to share the cost of that superyacht holiday with no surprise costs at the end of the voyage.

Q: How many guests will be on board the superyacht?

A: Each one of the YOTSPACE superyachts vary, on some yachts we offer three cabins that may accommodate 6 guests or we may have four to five cabins that accommodate 8 – 10 guests.

Q: Are these superyacht voyages a guaranteed departure?

A: Each superyacht cruise is a guaranteed departure based on the sale of each cabin on or before the eighth week of embarkation. Should we fail to sell each cabin, voyagers will be given the option of choosing another voyage or, a refund less any bank merchant fees if applicable. We always recommend Travel Insurance and that all ancillary travel reservations have flexible conditions.

Q: Can we request changes to the voyage itinerary each day?

A: No, sorry as each YOTSPACE voyage follows a specific itinerary to satisfy the guests that booked that voyage, based on that itinerary and travel style. Any changes to the itinerary are up to the superyacht Captains discretion and those changes may be based on a weather or other operational procedures for guest safety.

Q: I have a specific diet/allergies, can that be catered for?

A: Our superyacht chefs provide the ultimate in 5 star cuisine and can prepare to cater for your dietary requirements with advance notice. You will be sent a Questionnaire prior to your voyage to confirm any dietary requirements.

Q: Can I book my superyacht cabin holiday with my own Travel Agent?

A: Yes of course you can, YOTSPACE loves working with Preferred Travel Agents

Q: Do you cater for incentive groups or clubs on YOTSPACE voyages?

A: Yes, we love catering for small groups on our superyacht voyages

Q: Can I pay my superyacht voyage off in instalments?

A: Yes of course you can, just pay 50% upfront and then you can pay it off in instalments. Speak to your Travel Agent or YOTSPACE

Q: Are these superyacht cruise holidays all-inclusive no more to pay?

A: Yes they are all-inclusive, no more to pay. On some of our superyacht itineraries you may have optional activities such as helicopter or seaplane flights that are booked directly with the superyacht crew and paid upon booking whilst on the voyage.

Q: Will we get bored?

A: No you will not get bored. Our superyacht Captains have crafted enticing voyages for their guests to explore places that are usually not accessible by land or large commercial cruise liners. Each day is a new destination with new activities and offerings should you wish to participate.

Q: Do you allow children?

A: No sorry, these superyacht voyages are only for persons 18+years

Q: Do you also arrange sole charter superyacht voyages for families?

A: Yes we do, please contact our team at YOTSPACE to discuss your requirements

Q: Do you have a Covid travel policy?

A: Yes we do, please see our bookings terms and conditions

Q: Do you provide Travel Insurance?

A: No we do not. We suggest you contact your Travel Agent or insurance provider and purchase a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy.

Q: Can we scuba dive?

A: Some of our superyacht voyages include scuba diving for those that are certified. See our snorkelling and scuba diving information on each voyage.

Q: What should I pack for my YOTSPACE voyage?

A: Pack a soft bag that is easy for storage on the yacht with clothes for a beach holiday. Clothing you can layer will prepare you for all kinds of weather. We recommend you leave any valuable items at home due to lots of in-water activities.

Q: Do I need to bring spending money?

A: You may wish to bring a credit card for when we call into an island or you choose to partake in extra activities such as seaplane or helicopter flights or jet-ski tours that are operated by independent companies

Q: Can I get my laundry done during my superyacht cruise?

A: Laundry services are available on a request only basis. Limited service

Q: Can I book a solo/single cabin?

A: Yes you can. Each cabin price is for min/max 2 persons. No discounts apply

Q: Do you cater for Vegans?

A: Yes all superyacht chefs do their best to cater for most if not all dietary restrictions with advance notice. You will be sent a Questionnaire prior to your voyage to confirm any dietary requirements.

Q: Is alcohol included on these YOTSPACE superyacht voyages?

A: Yes it is, served for all meal service times and special events. Most yachts provide a selection of high quality Australian beverages. Should you wish to purchase international beverages we can provide you with a preference sheet so the yacht may source these prior to departure at cost price. You authorise YOTSPACE or the superyacht to charge you directly for these beverages

Q: Can we get off the superyacht on these holidays?

A: Yes on each individual superyachts itinerary there are land and coral cay components

Q: Do we need to worry about Jellyfish?

A: No not really. Jellyfish are not as common as you think. All superyachts will provide lycra sun suits for in-water activities. The crew will be able to advise during your voyage.

Q: Can we smoke on the superyacht?

A: No sorry, most superyachts do not allow smoking on board unless cleared with the Captain

Q: Can we wear shoes on the superyacht?

A: No sorry all superyachts have a no shoe policy. Please discuss with us any medical conditions. Please bring along shoes for hiking and exploring in the various regions.

Q: Is there WIFI on the superyachts?

A: Yes there is WIFI on the superyachts but be aware that on some voyages it may be intermittent and cannot be guaranteed

Q: Will I get seasick?

A: Most superyachts have Gryro stabilisers either at anchor or underway so that any possible seasickness is limited

Q: Gratuities, do we tip the crew?

A: In the superyacht industry it is normally the practice on sole charters that the prime guest gives a cash tip to the Captain and crew. However tipping the crew is entirely up to yourself. If you feel you have been extremely well looked after then we are sure the crew would really appreciate the tip. You may do this of your own accord or with the other guests on the superyacht voyage.

Do you still have questions you would like answered?
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