Explore the Kimberley onboard a YOTSPACE superyacht voyage

Kimberley Superyacht Voyage – 10 Nights
Broome to Berkley River

Discover unspoilt destinations of the Kimberley in the luxury of an all inclusive YOTSPACE superyacht voyage.

Set off from Broome on a cruise that combines exploring the rugged landscape of the Kimberley with only the very best in culinary cuisine, five star services, luxury stateroom accommodation, memorable guided tours with experts and wonderful experiences with other like-minded guests.

Incredible tides, ancient rock art, beautiful beaches and outstanding wildlife are all yours to experience on these YOTSPACE superyacht voyages in Western Australia. The exotic Kimberley region offers some of the world’s most incredible cruising experiences along its striking and rugged coastline.

Due to the vast tidal movements, remote terrain and varying weather patterns of the Kimberley, the following itinerary provides the general charter route for your luxury YOTSPACE superyacht voyage of discovery. Timings of activities each day will vary to take advantage of the best available conditions and allow our professional superyacht crew to create an incredible customized  itinerary for you including many more spectacular experiences not listed.

Day 1 | Broome

Arrive on board your chosen superyacht to afternoon canapés and a refreshing cocktail for a meet and greet with your fellow voyagers and superyacht crew. Departing from Broome we cruise along the iconic Cable Beach and the famous red pindan cliff faces, where guests can view colourful Kimberley sunsets.

Settle in to enjoy each others company for the evening as we venture up around the cape to the Buccaneer Archipelago, as your Chef prepares the first night’s welcome dinner.

Horizontal Falls

Day 2 | Buccaneer Archipelago

Wake up amongst the stunning sandstone islands of Yampi Sound, welcoming you to the start of your YOTSPACE Kimberley superyacht cruise. With the opportunity to explore Crocodile Creek waterhole by tender and a walk to the top waterhole for a refreshing swim before enjoying the diverse scenery and changing landscape from on board your luxury yacht as we cruise to Horizontal Falls.

Located in the Bucaneer Archipelago, these tidal movements are all year round allowing guests to experience the full impact of the rushing waters. Horizontal Falls experience incredible tidal movements up to 10m creating a ‘horizontal’ waterfall between the cliffs as water surges through the narrow gap creating vast tidal whirlpools.

Montgomery Reef spectacular scenery on YOTSPACE Kimberley voyages

Day 3 | Montgomery Reef & Doubtful Bay

A sight in the Kimberley certainly not to be missed! The largest inland reef formation in Australia, Montgomery Reef is a must-see feature of the Kimberley. This amazing living reef system spanning 80km was once home to the local Yawijibaya Tribe. Each day multitudes of turtles, dugongs and rays can be spotted feeding alongside the reef as it peeks up some 5 meters allowing water to cascade down its channels back into the ocean.

Timed correctly, we will arrive at Montgomery Reef and be unable to see it! Instead, all you will see is an ocean, however when the tidal movement starts to flow out the reef will appear and the magic begins. Keep an eye out for the spectacular variety of marine life that gather for this event. See turtles, dugong, crocodiles, manta rays, sharks and at various times of the year humpback whales.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Kimberley voyages - Fishing off boat

Day 4 | Deception Bay

Deception Bay where the water is clear and very inviting is known for its fishing and Black Tip Kimberley Oysters. Heading out on a scenic excursion to explore and enjoy one of the many freshwater swimming holes you will get the opportunity to try your hand at catching and gathering dinner.

Deception Bay is also whale territory so keep your eyes out for blows and breaches as the humpback whales frolick about in these waters.

Day 5 | Camden Harbour

Camden Harbour is steeped in history as the first attempted European settlement in the Kimberley. It failed dismally, and we”ll delve into the history as we explore the region. Enjoy a scenic cruise through to Port George and Treachery Passage to Saint George’s Basin.

We pass Mount Trafalgar and Waterloo Basin, home of Sir Joseph Bradshaw’s pastural lease; famous as the discoverer of the incredible Bradshaw rock art now more commonly referred to as Gwion Gwion. At Camp Creek head out for a spot of wildlife watching, drop a line in search of Barramundi and Mangrove Jack or a hike to Camp Creek waterhole.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Kimberley voyages - King Cascade waterfall - Prince Regent River

Day 6 | Prince Regent

Named after Philip Parker King, a naval explorer, King Cascade terraced waterfalls are a spectacular sight in full flow with cascading water surrounded by lush ferns. Prince Regent National Park is an important conservation area and contains half of the known bird and animal species in the Kimberley. The Prince Regent River has the distinction of being one of Western Australia’s straightest rivers, flowing through a fault line known as the Prince Regent lineament. After a climb to the top of the falls to soak in the beautiful freshwater pools we can explore the river finding the famous Gwion Gwion rock art on the northern banks before catching the tide to Careening Bay.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Kimberley voyages - Gwion Gwion Aboriginal rock art

Day 7 | Careening Bay & Bigge Island

Careening Bay was once the site Capt. Phillip Parker King careened his explorer vessel HMS Mermaid. Surrounded by very shallow reefs it was the place that many mariners came to find themselves beached. During the ten days at Careening Bay before the crew managed to refloat the vessel, a crew member found a boab tree where he carved the famous graffiti “HMC Mermaid 1820” into the corky bark. The second largest island in the Bonaparte Archipelago; Bigge Island is composed of weathered sandstone and dolomites forming a rugged terrain. Named Wuyurru in the Wunambal language, the islands caves and cliffs are dotted with more indigenous rock art depicting examples of first contact between the Uunguu people and foreigners and Wandjina figures, illustrating cloud and rain spirits from Aboriginal ancestry.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Kimberley voyages - Mitchell River National Park

Day 8 | Mitchell River

Cruising the Mitchell River to the thundering Mitchell Falls with the opportunity to charter a helicopter for an incredible scenic flight over this dramatic terrain.

Mitchell River offers the option to drop a line to land a big Barramundi or haul up the crab pot for a River to Plate feast. Further up Surveyors Creek a bush walking track leads to the falls where you can take a dip in the refreshing tranquil pools.

The Mitchell Plateau abounds in wildlife and plants. There’s rainforest, open woodlands of gum trees, watercourses with paperbark trees, pandanus palms and ancient rock art sites that have remained untouched for thousands of years.

Day 9 | Vansittart Bay

Picturesque Vansittart Bay is home to pristine white beaches and glassy aqua waters and jagged sandstones that teeter on the waters edge. This bay is a haven for yachties not only for its shelter but for its bounty of anthropological and historical wonders. Some of the world’s most prized pearls as well as the abandoned body of a World War II DC3 war plane, scuttled on the salt pan in 1942. Despite enduring the heat, fire and storms of the Kimberley, the wreckage is remarkably well preserved, and this piece of history makes for some great photography.

Explore the many coves of Vansittart Bay where we will discover more Gwion Gwion drawings, some of which have been dated at over 17,000 years old

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Kimberley voyages - King George Falls

Day 10 | King George River

Our luxury superyacht cruises through the towering sandstone cliffs of King George River to the famous 100-metre twin waterfalls. We edge Phoenix One in for a closer look at Western Australia’s highest twin falls that put on a mighty display after the ‘wet season’ rains. An optional hike is on offer to the peak of the falls for a swim in the top pool and the opportunity to take in some breathtaking vistas will make your hike well worth the effort.

Even during a ‘dry spell’ King George Falls also known as Twin falls offer spectacular scenery and photo opportunities.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Kimberley voyages - Mallard Float Plane

Day 11 | Berkley River – Darwin

The Berkley River is teeming with freshwater pools, waterfalls, pockets of rainforest and abundant wildlife activity. Our superyacht crew will take you on your final leisurely cruise up Berkley River taking in the impressive sandstone cliffs and wildlife. It’s then time to say our fond farewells as the superyacht crew assist you to transfer your luggage to your Mallard Float plane transfer and bid our goodbyes and wish you all well for your next adventure as you fly over the rugged terrain of the Kimberley through to Darwin.
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