Latest luxury cruise news in Australia. Avid cruisers can now book YOTSPACE luxury superyacht voyages in Australia.

All large commercial cruise ship voyages came to a sudden stand still in 2020 leaving around 1.35 million cruise passenger lovers from Australia in a state of total shock and disappointment.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Triple888EIGHT superyacht - Whitsundays

With many cruise holidays booked far in advance, these ocean going cruisers have been left stranded on their Australian shores with no timeline in sight for their beloved cruises to resume service ever since.

Now, there is finally some good news for luxury cruise ship passengers in Australia!

YOTSPACE have curated ultra-luxury superyacht voyages for guests who love to explore destinations in a more intimate and personal way that connects them with the regions and destinations they visit.

This is cruising at a whole new level. Superyachts in Australia have 4 – 5 staterooms intimately accommodating for only 8 – 10 guests that are hosted on a cruise of a lifetime with 4 – 5 professionally trained and qualified crew to look after all of the guests needs. 

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages are curated to each and every single luxury cruise passengers own travel style. From luxury escapes, iconic destinations to exploring reefs and islands there is a superyacht cruise for every avid cruise lover.   

Expect to be dining on gourmet 5 star cuisine paired with fine Australian beverages and waterfront views that is the envy of many.

Many of the cruising destinations we explore are listed as World Heritage icons such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Kimberley.

On our YOTSPACE superyacht voyages our vessels can access regions that larger commercial cruise ships cannot allowing our crew to show guests places that are more exclusive and provide a more deeply immersive experience of the destination for our guests. 

Enjoy meeting like-minded guests that are just like yourselves, looking for the ultimate way to continue to enjoy cruising without the crowds and experience a superyacht voyage that is so unique to Australia.


A YOTSPACE superyacht voyage

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