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Ahoy YOTSPACE superyacht charter blog readers.

As a young girl I grew up on a rural property and in our 110 year old farm house we had a wood stoked AGA cooker oven where my mother used to bake the most amazing cakes and desserts. My mother used to work at the local health food store so we grew up on a non-processed diet of purely home cooked food.

Our indulgent cheat meal was a trip to the Chinese take away or fish and chip shop once a month if we were all good.  But my favourite was always our healthy home cooked meals and one of my very most favourite as a youngster were my mother’s cakes.

In that wood stoked AGA she made the lightest of light sponge cakes and the most amazing baked cheesecakes, Christmas cakes, puddings and all sorts of delights. I would go out onto the property to find all the colourful wild flowers and native plants to create the exotic decorations.

Living on the farm we were always out playing with the animals and doing our chores and when we came inside we always sat down to big hearty meals that always included my favourite part of the meal, dessert. Not one of us had a weight issue or health issue back then because it all came down to the balance of input output with great fresh food I believe. The ingredients that were used in baking those delicious cakes was always of the highest organic quality and of farm fresh sourced goodness.

Let Them Eat Cake on Superyachts

It’s a far cry from the supposed condescending comment from Marie Antoinette (never proven) but if I was told to eat cake I would not be unhappy at all!

To this day I still love looking at cakes yet I do not eat them much anymore as I mostly have a vegan diet but, given the chance to have a slice of vegan cheesecake that my husband makes then I am all in.

The same goes for when we are out on a YOTSPACE superyacht cahrter cruise and the onboard chef knows about my veganism and my penchant for a little dessert or two that I class as a cheat meal but packed with cheating goodness. How can I resist such temptation when we are surrounded by the most visually beautiful and very best waterfront restaurant in Queensland?

Some of the desserts and cakes that these five star gourmet chefs have prepared in those small superyacht galleys have completely blown my mind and certainly ignited my mindful eating senses.

I always let the cake sit in front of me for a while whilst I gaze at it and take in all the ingredients, admire the decorations and then think about the care and attention that the superyacht chef took to prepare this little morsel of delight just for me. It’s a sign of respect to the yacht chef’s brilliance and their ultimate attention to detail!

We are always pleased when some of our YOTSPACE superyacht guests are on-board and celebrating a special event such as a birthday, anniversary, a business success or other exciting events as our superyacht chefs get to go all out and showcase their cake baking talents to our guests.

Make sure when you are joining us for a YOTSPACE superyacht voyage you let us know in advance if you also have a penchant for lovely cakes so we may be able to advise our superyacht chefs in advance.

Bon voyage

Christina James
Founder & Managing Director

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Image Credit : Superyacht Chef Jo on Spirit