Luxury Accommodation Hamilton Island – Nautical Style

Luxury Accommodation Hamilton Island – Nautical Style.
Hamilton Island offers guests the convenience, services and facilities that enable you to plan your luxury holiday easily.  

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When you think about luxury accommodation in the Whitsundays you immediately think of the largest populated island that you keep hearing about. That island on the Great Barrier Reef that you keep seeing on your Instagram feed is Hamilton Island.

Internationally recognised as the island destination where the commercial airlines fly guests in to either stay on Hamilton Island, board a luxury superyacht from the islands marina, or transfer to join another island via water taxi within the Whitsundays.

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New Luxury Accommodation Choices Available From Hamilton Island

The Hamilton Island marina is host to 301 wet berths with up to 45 metre superyacht berthing’s. This is where you will find some of Australia’s most spectacular superyachts that are available to charter during the superyacht season on the Great Barrier Reef.

The luxury accommodation on these superyachts can be far superior to the luxury accommodation you will find in any 5 star hotel around the world with service levels that are matched equally by the professional services that are offered to the guests by the superyacht crew.

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YOTSPACE Superyacht Voyages Offer Luxury Accommodation From Hamilton Island.

YOTSPACE have a number of luxury superyachts in their fleet that offer travellers 3 – 5 and 6 night voyages where guests can reserve a luxury yacht to explore the Great Barrier Reef in style. 

New to Australia, those guests that like the finer things in life, now have the opportunity to combine some pre-post luxury accommodation on Hamilton Island with luxury accommodation on a superyacht cruise to experience the Great Barrier Reef in luxury.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages offer specially curated itineraries designed by the superyacht captains themselves. They are the most knowledgeable of mariners in the Whitsunday Islands and delight in being given the opportunity to show their guest the secret locations and best anchorages of the Whitsundays Islands that are sometimes only known to them.  

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Unique Luxury Accommodation Choices Now Available On the Great Barrier Reef

You may be wondering included in an all-inclusive luxury yacht charter. Basically it’s a carefully curated superyacht cruise that is meticulously planned by superyacht captains that know a region or destination intimately. They showcase the assets of a region to their very important VIP guests in a luxury style that has never been on offer to the Australian cruise market until now.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages offer guests the luxury of all-inclusive luxury stateroom cabin accommodation, five star gourmet meals, alcoholic beverages, the use of the superyacht toys and the guided tours that are in each of the superyacht cruise itineraries. 

This new style of luxury accommodation has turned the travel industry upside down.

Cruise ship travel agents have found a way to keep their guests cruising with a luxury product that fits with the current pandemic crisis and introduces their clients to a new ultra-luxury cruising style.   


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