When you book a luxury yacht it’s just as you would if you were going on a large commercial cruise ship holiday, but instead you’ll be on an ultra-luxury superyacht voyage with family and friends cruising the mesmerizing Whitsunday Islands in five star luxury.

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Those guests looking for a more inclusive and intimate style of charter yacht holiday in Australia can now experience an indulgent new level of cruising in the Whitsundays with Luxury superyacht cruises on a YOTSPACE voyage.

With up to only 6 – 10 guests onboard these specially curated superyacht voyages, you are guaranteed of a five star holiday that will exceed all your expectations of a luxury yacht holiday in the Whitsundays.

Quite a number of our superyacht voyages are all-inclusive of gourmet dining with matched beverages, shore tours, superyacht toys and a Captain and crew who are there to show you the hidden secrets of the Whitsundays in such an intimate and immersive way that you will never forget.

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It’s a Five Star Holiday
on a Luxury Yacht in the Whitsundays

You may already be familiar with the superyacht charter concept in Europe, the Mediterranean and the United States of America with this style of cruising called by a number of different names in different regions.

Around the world these luxury charter yacht holidays are called by all sorts of names such as Sail by boat Charters, Crewed Charters, Luxury Yacht Charters, Crewed Yacht Charters, Superyacht Charters, Superyacht Voyages and Superyacht Expeditions.

There are so many names for luxury yacht charters we have decided on superyacht voyages for YOTSPACE.

This distinguishes the type of vessel that we offer for charter yacht holidays in the Whitsundays making it easier for our guests to understand that our YOTSPACE VOYAGES are a high level brand of five star, luxury yacht holidays.

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How Do You Classify a Yacht as a Superyacht?

The classification of a superyacht in Australia is a vessel that is over 24mts (78ft) in length and has domestic charter certifications enabling it to be chartered in Australian waters with Sydney, The Whitsundays, the Great Barrier Reef and the Kimberley being some of the most popular regions for superyacht cruises.

Most superyachts in Australia have 4 -5 cabins with only about 3 having 6 cabins making your yacht charter holiday very exclusive indeed.

Each one of these superyachts normally have 3 deck levels consisting of accommodation, salon, entertainment areas and skydecks that have Jacuzzis, cocktail bars and a barbeque and dining area.

Superyachts are well known as holidays of luxury at the highest level and offer guests the most impressive of in-water superyacht toys.

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Superyacht Crew

The crew on these superyachts also have to be highly qualified with special tickets that allow them to operate on charter yachts in Australia.

Our YOTSPACE superyacht voyages normally consist of a Captain. First Mate, Second Officer, Chief Stewardess and a Stewardess dependant on the yachts size and number of cabins.

The superyacht crew are there to look after all of your needs both on the yacht, in the water and whilst exploring the local islands and beaches of the beautiful Whitsundays.

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Reserve Your Luxury Yacht Charter Holiday in the Whitsundays

If you enjoy meeting other like-minded guests and luxury cruising is your particular travel style, then take a look at all the YOTSPACE superyacht voyages we have on offer on the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands.

Speak with some of your friends or family as they may wish to join you on a luxury superyacht holiday to celebrate a special event or see parts of the Whitsundays that you would normally never get to visit on a commercial yacht charter basis.

We look forward to hosting you on our next luxury voyage of discovery.


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