Meet the YOTSPACE Team

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages created by adventures and lovers of indulgent luxury travel that can now be shared with others just like you. Meet the YOTSPACE team and allow them to curate your next luxury superyacht charter.

We are a family run business with over 50 years combined experience in the high-end luxury travel industry across the globe and a highly regarded travel experts here in Queensland Australia. 

We are doing things differently here at YOTSPACE, meaning our YOTSPACE guests no longer have to share a cruise ship with hundreds of other guests, but can now book an all-inclusive superyacht sole charter and indulge in the unrivalled luxury of a superyacht experience. 

We believe in the importance of supporting local businesses and choosing more sustainable solutions to support the future of the superyacht industry. 

Meet the YOTSPACE team and ask about a sole charter option for your families private getaway. We have over 36+ luxury superyachts to choose from.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages -

Christina James

Founder and Managing Director

Nicholas Mason

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Hugh Mason

Sales and Business Development

Mahala Constantis

Marketing and Business Systems

Saachi James-Mason

Business Support and Client Services

Yvette Gertler

Marketing and Client Services

Belinda Corrie

Client Services and Reservation Sales

Sophie Tabouel

Client Services and Reservation Sales