Should Cheat Meals Be Part Of Your Cruise Holiday Plan? YOTSPACE superyacht voyages

Should Cheat Meals Be Part Of Your Cruise Holiday PlanYOTSPACE superyacht voyages

Ahoy to our YOTSPACE blog readers. Today we talk about “cheat meals” whilst on a cruising holiday, a subject close to my heart.

What actually is a “cheat meal” you may ask? Is it a gooey toffee pudding with lashings of cream or ice-cream, or is it a delicately prepared vegan cheesecake, or, is it just sitting down to a 12 course degustation meal?

There’s so many different opinions about cheat meals, and whether they should have a place in a healthy diet. With all the different advice out in the universe, there are even more questions, like ‘how many cheat meals can you have per week and remain healthy’ without putting on weight or becoming ill?’

Tasting all the exotic foods of the regions we cruise is all part of the delights and experiences of a YOTSPACE superyacht voyage, so our chefs ensure that all food portions that may or may not be classified as cheat meals will be of a size that should not affect your waistline nor your good health. That is unless you ask for second helpings at each sitting?

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Let’s Talk Dessert

I for one really look forward to my superyacht cruising holidays where I feel that I have earnt the opportunity to let my hair down a little and enjoy some sweeties after a delicious main course meal especially when it’s a little bit of cake.

Normally I am not a big fan of deserts nowadays but when it comes to a superyacht holiday I know from experience that our superyacht chefs can produce the most amazing and most beautiful looking deserts that I simply must try no matter what!

As my diet is mostly vegan, desert for me is a no brainer as deserts combine a lot of natural plant based fruits, nuts, flowers, coconuts and lot’s of other goodies together so I do not feel so guilty eating them as I know they are packed with high energy food that I call my mindful eating food.  

If I feel a tiny little bit guilty about my desert cheat meal (or non-cheat desert meal) I just ensure that I incorporate some exercise of about 30 minutes into my daily routine and then all my guilt seems to just float away until my next indulgent gourmet desert.

Are Cocktails Classed As a Cheat Meal?

While the name implies something naughty or taboo, cheat meal cocktails to me are an essential part of a YOTSPACE cruising holiday and they are definitely good for my mental health, and always in moderation at all times of course.

Naturally cocktails aren’t classed as something that you should indulge in for an everyday healthy diet, but if and whilst on holidays you think you have racked up enough health goals prior to embarkation of your superyacht voyage then why not have a few cocktails each day as you soak up the mesmerising scenery from one of the best waterfront restaurants in Queensland that surrounds your every waking moment?

For me, I always ask the Chief Steward for cocktails that are dairy free and full of fresh crushed local fruit, no sugars and a dash of alcohol along with some pretty decorations that are Instagram worthy.

Sometimes they are so pretty I just want to sit there with it in front of me so I can drink it in with my eyes only but alas my desires always win in the end.

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Cheat Deserts and Cheat Cocktails Make For a Well-Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

As long as your cheat meals are in moderation along with a good exercise routine whilst out on the water, cheat meals can actually be an effective way to have a well- balanced healthy lifestyle that allows you to indulge without ever having to feel guilty and simply enjoy your YOTSPACE superyacht charter holiday.

I prefer my exercise in the morning on the bow of the yacht so I can greet the sun whilst stretching and doing some yoga, or getting out on the SUP board for some tummy tightening or in the kayaks for good upper body and tummy tightening for my next meal.

If you ever have any questions about the gourmet meals our superyacht chefs provide on our voyages please reach out and we can have a chat about your specific individual requirements.

Always remember our superyacht chefs prepare all meals with the freshest of locally sourced ingredients so you will not be eating any highly processed foods that may upset your healthy lifestyle. 

We look forward to seeing you on-board our next YOTSPACE superyacht voyage.

Bon voyage!

Christina James


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