We are thinking you may have never heard of the words superyacht voyage in Australia before so we will explain it here for you in a little more detail.

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The team at YOTSPACE saw a gap in the market in the superyacht charter world when the global pandemic hit us all in 2019-2022 abruptly interrupting global business and travel for everyone.

From our many years of experience in luxury travel, we began to think about previous pandemics, pilot strikes and global financial melt downs we have gone through personally as luxury 5 star hotel operators and as travel agents and saw how it affects peoples travel desires and creates changes and shifts in the market.

As the world eventually comes out from these life changing jolting events, guests want to experience new ways of travel in more intimate exclusive ways via small luxury group travel, and brand new styles of travel emerge to satisfy these desires.

Superyacht Voyages – Luxury Yacht Charters

For many years people have been enjoying voyages on cruise ships, rent-a-yachts and other types of vessels around the world but not so much on luxury superyachts.

Traditionally superyacht charters have always been on a sole-charter basis with just one person being the prime charter guest that pays the total cost of the superyacht charter, and then the additional costs of the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) which includes fuel, food and beverage, taxes, port fees, permits, and any other extras that they request on that voyage which can equate to up to 30% on top of the superyacht charter rate. Normally they also pay a gratuity fee to the Captain and crew if they feel they have experienced exceptional service and this can equate from 5 and 20 percent of the superyachts base charter fee.

So now you can see why superyacht charters and superyacht cruises have never been on offer in the luxury travel space via cruise companies or cruise ship travel agents due to the complexity of booking the yacht and then working out all the costs.

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All-Inclusive Is Now Available on Superyachts in Australia

The YOTSPACE crew got talking to a number of cruise ship travel agents, cruise ship wholesalers, superyacht owners and captains about the potential of creating Äll-Inclusive” superyacht charters for the top end luxury cruise ship travel market segment and for other travellers that had thought that a superyacht holiday was totally out of their reach.

As we know the cruise ships were still not moving in Australia and will not possibly be cruising until late 2022 or 2023 which had created a real gap for other styles of travel from these guests that would normally go cruising a few times a year.

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Cruise ship passengers are now enjoying road trips and small holidays in

that are not accessible by cruising and spending their money in regions and locations they had probably never thought about visiting before.

From these lifelong experiences and our market research feedback we created YOTSPACE superyacht voyages that allow guests to book on a luxury superyacht cruise in the destination of their choice on an all-inclusive basis with their friends and family.

Each superyacht cruise is a voyage that is curated by the individual superyacht captains and are grouped into travel styles such as Luxury Escapes, Explore Reefs & Islands and Iconic Destinations.

Guests looking for a more relaxed superyacht voyage may choose a luxury escapes voyage that may have them on a more passive cruise that has them relaxing and admiring the destinations we visit and enjoying the superb service from the professional superyacht crew.

For those looking for a little more activity they may choose an explore reefs and islands voyage where they may partake in island hikes, snorkelling or playing with all the superyachts many water toys.

If you are a cruise guest that enjoys seeing and learning about iconic destinations then you can browse the options and choose the superyacht voyage that suits your personal interests.

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YOTSPACE Superyacht Charters Can Be All-Inclusive

YOTSPACE offer luxury yacht charters that offer all-inclusive luxury cabin accommodation, five star gourmet meals, alcoholic beverages, the use of the superyacht toys and the guided tours that are in each of the superyacht voyage itineraries.

The total cost of the superyacht charter is shared among the guests just like it is on a cruise ship with each couple choosing their own standard of accommodation and enjoying the individually curated itinerary of that particular cruise.

All the provisioning costs for the fuel, food and beverage, national park fees, reef taxes and other costs are all considered and included in the luxury superyacht charter fees.

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For gratuity payments to the captain and crew this is totally on an individual basis or as some of our YOTSPACE guests like to do, they pool the gratuity and pass that on as a group thank you for the crews high level of service to show their appreciation.

By pooling all the charter costs, YOTSPACE has opened up the world of superyacht voyages to luxury cruise ship passenger who once before may have never thought it possible to continue cruising and experience it in such an intimate, immersive luxury style.

Due the popularity of our luxury superyacht charters in the Whitsundays we are already working on superyacht cruises in other regions and destinations around Australia.

Book yourself a luxury holiday of a lifetime on a YOTSPACE superyacht voyage in exotic destinations around Australia such as the Kimberley, the Whitsundays, Lizard Island, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Hawkesbury River but be quick as each superyacht only has 4 – 5 cabins per voyage.

Read more about our luxury yacht charters charters in the Whitsundays too.


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