All-inclusive Superyacht Voyages

YOTSPACE have now officially launched their new all-inclusive superyacht itineraries to the Travel Trade via ATE 21 in Sydney this week with Tourism Australia and the product has been enormously applauded by both the domestic travel agents, inbound operators and travel media.

YOTSPACE officially launches at ATE21

The Australian travel industry is desperately looking for new luxury travel product to fill the current high demand of requests from well-heeled discerning travellers looking for unique experiences in the 5 star and above category.

In the past the travel industry have found it difficult to offer up superyacht holidays to their clientele due to the complications of the booking process and the use of international maritime contracts. The team at YOTSPACE superyacht voyages have over 45+ years combined experience in the travel industry and saw the opportunity of simplifying the product and packaging it in a way that makes sense to all sectors of the travel industry.

YOTSPACE luxury yacht charters are available on a sole yacht charter basis with custom itineraries that are categorized in travel styles such as Luxury, Reefs & Islands and Iconic Destinations.

Each one of these unique voyages have been carefully curated by the YOTSPACE team and the superyacht Captain that is the specialist in that destination to ensure that when guests opt in to that voyage they leave with the contentment of experiencing a fully immersive and intimate connection with that region. 

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Lady Pemela Superyacht
YOTSPACE - Superyacht Voyages - Gold Coast

Never before offered in Australia these YOTSPACE superyacht voyages have now opened up the superyacht holiday experience to a whole new market segment that has never been tapped into before now! 

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages are all-inclusive with no more to pay. Guests can expect gourmet 5 star meals and alcoholic beverages, guided tours and all the superyacht toys and facilities.

“Our companies DNA for YOTSPACE superyacht charter voyages are for our guests to be intimately connected to the regions and locations that we visit by offering impactful experiences without compromising on their luxury travel style” says Christina James, Managing Director at YOTSPACE.  

“Now more than ever, guests are looking for exclusivity and new luxury experiences that offer intimacy in numbers.”

“Well-travelled guests are leading the charge on exploring new frontiers of luxury travel in Australia. They are looking for impactful experiences that also connect them more to the region or destinations they choose.”

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages - Lady Pamela in the Whitsundays

Features of YOTSPACE superyacht voyages include:

  • Small passenger numbers 8-10 guests (5-6 crew)
  • Luxury cabin accommodation with private ensuite
  • All-inclusive gourmet wine & dine
  • Immersive excursions
  • Superyacht toys
  • Experienced Captain & crew
  • Australian flagged superyachts
YOTSPACE - Superyacht Voyages - Lady Pamela

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages destinations include: Whitsundays, Lizard Island Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Island, Kimberley, and Gold Coast.

We believe in the future of the luxury travel and the importance of supporting local businesses and choosing more sustainable solutions to support the future of the superyacht industry. 

Explore iconic Australian landscapes and discover unique experiences whilst gaining an appreciation of our natural beauty, rich history and amazing local produce with gourmet meals and Australian wines featured on all the YOTSPACE superyacht voyages.


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